Who are we?

We are a family of like minded people who share a share a love of all things health, fitness and community.  No matter what your current fitness level is, Functional Fitness New Plymouth is the place for you. The workouts never get easier, you just get better. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move you toward your goals. Our group classes is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. Functional Training can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone—people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

But what is functional movement?

Functional movement involves real world situations. A great example of this is an exercise called the squat as it represents standing up. Without the ability to squat, how else could you get off the toilet!? Similarly, think about the Deadlift; without it, how else would you pick up this week’s grocery shopping!?

Functional Training is a full body conditioning programme for any age and ability. The workouts are scalable to suit each individual and their own personal goals as the community brings together a wide range of people. Our workouts are constantly varied and therefore you will never do two days the same, two weeks the same or two months the same. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it also increases the impact of each workout.

What can you expect to gain from Functional Fitness New Plymouth?

Activities that once were difficult now become easier and more comfortable to complete. Functional Training foundations are built around targeting and increasing fitness areas such as:

Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
Stamina and strength
Power and speed
Flexibility, co-ordination and agility
Balance and accuracy

The aim is to prepare YOU for dealing with life’s challenges – the unknown or unknowable!

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When I joined Functional Fitness New Plymouth I had not been in the city for very long and did not know anyone. That changed at CFNP I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming all the members were. 
When I first started I was very anxious each class I went to in case I couldn’t do the movements but with kind and encouraging coaches, scaled movements and support of other members I have achieved goals I never thought possible. There are still a few yet to obtain.
I am an older person so was hard for me to throw myself into this type of exercise but it was the best decision I have made. I have got fitter and stronger and have done a number of personal bests whilst training there. I can now even jog a bit faster. I Highly recommend FFNP  as a friendly welcoming place to train, especially for older persons.

Since joining FFNP late last year, I have loved every minute and have changed as a person both physically and mentally. After playing competitive sport growing up, I never thought I would join a gym but it has helped me gain strength and confidence I never thought I had the ability of. I’ve also been grateful to have met some amazing, like minded now called best friends, always there for you no matter what & making it a fun happy environment to be in.  Cannot go past our coaches, they are always there to help motivate and inspire us with their depth of knowledge within CrossFit & just a positive influence in our daily lives wanting the best out of everyone! 
Very proud to be apart of  FFNP & now 2nd family ❤️
I was your typical girl going to gym to scared to ask for help or to lift weights for the fear of becoming too ‘bulky’ so sticking to cardio equipment became a norm. A year of this became boring so I stopped exercise altogether. It was Lateisha that introduced me to Functional Fitness New Plymouth and all I can say is I wish I had joined sooner.
FFNP is a family like no other! We celebrate weaknesses, triumphs, the good and the bad. FFNP has taught me valuable life skills and an out look on positive body image, if anything I can’t wait for my muscles to become bigger as that’s apart of the progress. Physically I am stronger and have longer endurance, but more than anything my mental wellbeing has been the biggest factor of improvement and because of that I am forever grateful to my community!

I started at CrossFit New Plymouth around 3 years ago, where I did the high school classes. As time went on I wanted to get more involved in CrossFit, so I said goodbye to high school classes and started the “big scary adult” classes! Turns out the weren’t as scary as I thought and they welcomed me with warm arms. CFNP is a community that is built around positivity and growth. This has been an environment that has allowed me to thrive physically and mental. The coaches at CFNP has always provided what I need, whether that be advice, tips, or shouting positive words at me throughout a tough workout.
Honestly I wouldn’t be the strong capable person I am today without CrossFit New Plymouth.
” I remember clearly walking into FFNP for the first time and thinking “what am I doing here??”. Even sharper however is the memory of walking out at the end of that class and knowing for sure Id be back.
I’ve completely changed my attitude towards fitness since I started here. The coaches are professional and knowledgeable, the workouts are challenging but achievable for any level of fitness and the people I get to workout with everyday are some of the best people I know.
Through Crossfit Im fitter, stronger and healthier at (nearly) 40 than I was in my twenties.
Above all though it’s the genuine sense of community that makes FFNP great. Everyone’s here for the same reason, to work hard and have a great time doing it.”


Scott Siffleet
Scott SiffleetOwner, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
What started out as CrossFit New Plymouth was founded in November of 2011 (intially known as BST Fit Club). It started when the 4 Siffleet brothers (Scott, Ben, Nick & Tom) got sick of mundane workout routines that were sure to fail out of pure boredom. With the help of Nick’s exercise physiology knowledge from his university studies they set out to do something different and varied rather than running the same old route or repeating the same gym routine week in week out. It started with some beach sprints and a few body weight exercises and progressed to home made sand bags, buckets of water and tractor tyres. Before long the boys realized that what they were doing was not too dissimilar to ‘CrossFit’.
Scott has always had a passion for everything strength and conditioning. He is the founder of Crossfit New Plymouth in 2012. and is still excited to introduce people to the sport. He shares this passion with Rugby as chairman of the Tukapa Rugby Club. He enjoys goes “bush” for a few days and often brings his son Max to hunt with him. Scott, his wife Tash and their 2 boys are the backbone of the Gym. They believe in a community where everyone is accepted and appreciated.
Lateisha Graham
Lateisha Graham Manager, Head Coach, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Certificate in Fitness and Business Diploma Level 3 and 4
Coach Tesh has been with us since 2014. She has always lead an active lifestyle encouraged by her father as a young girl. She has competed competitively in Athletics which has helped transfer over to Crossfit.Tesh has been dedicated to achieving her best as an athlete, whilst passing on all she learns to her clients. Tesh started off as a member wanting some guidance and a structured program to stay motivated in the gym. She simply wasn’t getting this at the “globo” gym. Her strength and conditioning started to increase and naturally this lead to her wanting to encourage others to lead a healthier life.She has the uncanny ability to motivate diverse groups and to implement healthy and productive changes. Tesh believes Crossfit challenges you in ways conventional training simply does not. It is a form of training that provides a broad range of exercises and movements not found in “regular” training.She believes Crossfit elicits a response in all people, not only the athletic or high performance gym goer, but to anyone despite their capabilities or limitations. Tesh’s greatest pleasure comes from seeing people come to him in a state of poor physical, mental and spiritual health, and seeing how Crossfit can help to transform them into a happier, healthier, and stronger, more confident person. If you don’t see her in the gym, behind a computer (or as Scott would say, pen and paper) then she’s doing her best to raise 2 kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle!
Shaun Graham
Shaun GrahamCrossfit Level 1 Trainer, Coach of Active Life RX Methodology and Precision Nutrition Level 1
Shaun has been with us from the very beginning back in 2012. He started doing Crossfit to improve his quality of life. He now teaches others to create better habits for life in both training and nutrition. Shaun appreciates Crossfit’s scientific and methodology and constantly seeks to apply Crossfit’s models of health and fitness to everyday life. Anyone who trained with or been trained by Shaun knows how completely committed he is to fitness, it’s not just his hobby, but truly his way of life and he brings enormous enthusiasm, passion and encouragement to every single training session. Having always loved sport and fitness, becoming a trainer was something he was and still is very passionate about. Shaun believes that exercise is a prime component of health and well being; Diet plays an extremely large role in his life. On a basic level, he believes that diet is the foundational layer in the pyramid of health. Shaun enjoys the aspect of being able to help, motivate and encourage people to make them become better athletes and feel good about themselves.If you don’t find him working, studying or at the gym, you’ll find him trying to keep up with his kids!
Mark Shotter
Mark ShotterCrossfit Level 1 Trainer
Mark has always enjoyed learning about human movement and taking the steps to become a Crossfit trainer seemed a natural progression.He has been with us since 2013/14, completed his Crossfit Level 1 in 2018 and has been continuing to develop as a coach and personal Trainer.
Everybody knows Mark as the guy who wont allow you to “slack off” in class and is known for his great enthusiasm and dedication to his job and the members in the gym.
Laura Pullar
Laura PullarCrossfit Level 1 Trainer,REPS registered Personal Trainer, Hardstyle kettlebell Instructor
Laura holds a number Fitness related certifications alongside being a super mum of her 5 year old daughter.. She has been a part of the CrossFit community since 2015 and has years of experience working with a wide variety of individuals including running our Live Fit Mums classes! Laura is an accomplished fitness professional with experience in managing and leading group and individual, fitness programs. Laura spends her time working with Crossfit AND non Crossfit Athletes, helping them develop their full potential.
Tony Earl
Tony Earl Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Level 1 Zuu Trainer
Tony is one of the original coaches at Crossfit New Plymouth and has been a part of the community since its early inception. Tony has a passion for the application of science to the study of fitness and utilizes his knowledge of human physiology, sports psychology, and nutrition to enhance athletic performance. He is an experienced professional having worked in the fitness industry for a long time and is currently a Physical Education Teacher. He has coached hundreds of members over his career. His high energy and love to make people smile helps him bring self-confidence to all his athletes while helping them reach their goals.
Jaimie Le Bas
Jaimie Le BasCrossfit Level 1 Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Gymnastics Coach
Jaimie is our newest coach on board here at Crossfit New Plymouth. She is an experienced Gymnast (over 15 years) who has represented New Zealand in the International Aerobic Championships in Pheonix,Arizona. With her gymnast background, she is also (arguably) one of our strongest weightlifters in the gym! She has vast experience in managing and leading large groups as well as youth programs.She believes in hard work, determination and a never-give-up mentality to accomplishing goals.


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