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Warm-up (No Measure)


shoulder stability and mobility work to get ready for hs work

Handstand Push-ups (15 min )


skill learning and progression

12-15 mins of hspu work

points to work on here:

the kick up into the wall

body positiuon into the head touching on the mat

the set up for the kip (bum back against the wall)

bringing the legs down to the bottom of the kip

the throw of the legs back up to lock out position

*this is a good chance to teach members the correct movement and progressions for the hspu, teach them how to move eficiently here so they can start adding these into workouts

RX (members that can already hspu and are good compitent hs walkers already

4 rounds skill work

10m hs walk

straight into:

max effort strict hspu on wall

rest 2 mins after each round

*get the more skilled class members to focus on what they are doing, slow the pace down a wee bit and move well here

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

CAPACITY (TIME ALLOCATION: 17 mins to include warm up and movement prep)

12 min amrap:

1km run buy in


amrap in remainder of time:

12 TTB

12 barbell sh to oh@70/50

*scale options:

TTB: knee raises or weighted sit ups

load: scale as needed to be challenging
*key here is to get through the run, leaving a little bit left in the tank for the amrap work. The goal with these pieces inside is to go unbroken or as close to this as possible. Scale the weight as needed to move efficiently and smooth. A good powerful push jerk will be key on the shoulder to oh to keep this piece moving