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Warm-up (No Measure)



Metcon (No Measure)

BALANCE AND STRUCTURAL WORK (TIME ALLOCATION: 20 mins here to get threough this piece, not including the brief as use of part of the warm up)

3 rounds:

1 dumbell turkish get up w/ 5 shoulder presses when on knee into 50m 1 arm OH walk

then same on other arm

50m 1 arm farmer carry on each arm (heavy) w/10 1 arm rdl at the end of the carry on the same arm before going to other side

8 slam ball or medball wood chops on each side

4 1 legged seated broad jump from seated on low box

key point on each movement is stability and midline/breathing control, and shoulder/lat activation

broad jumps off low box: key is fast fibre recruitment, looking and exploding off the box as fast as possible

*the aim with this piece is to add in some structural balance accessory work that we will be doing a little less of during warm ups now that we are gearing up for the open. concetrate on what youre doing and pay attention to each movement here to keep movement perfect

Metcon (Time)

STRENGTH AND SKILL METCON (TIME ALLOCATION: 23 mins with a 15 min cap on the workout)

for time:


bar muscle ups OR c2b pull ups

back squats@100/70 (*take from rack or ground)

cal assault bike or row
*scale options:

skill: jumping bar muscle ups or c2b pull ups, something that should be challenging but doable here

load: bring this down to something managable here, but try your best to get it as close to something challenging or above weight as above

*aim to get back squats as close to unbroken as possible, dig deep to hold on here. be smart with the skill movement but try to front load the workout a wee bit ie try and go for bigger sets and hold on a wee bit longer to begin each set. Push the assault bike