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Warm-up (No Measure)


2 rounds:

10 db death march

10 straight arm banded pull doewns (to the front, lat activation)

Overhead Squat (3×10)

STRENGTH WORK (TIME ALLOCATION: 16 mins but in 12 mins only)

overhead squat submaximal endurance work

over 3 sets only but all sets must be the full 10 reps:

build to heaviest 10 rep OHS from the ground or the racks

between sets:

10 heavy bent over barbell rows

*over hand wide, almost snatch, grip

*be careful if you are dropping weight onto your back rack here

*OHS stability and strength work here, goal is heavy load and strength/pulling work with the rows.

Key points: lat activation by bringing armpits forward, steady rep speed and focus on each rep

get members to rest around 2-3 mins after each full set and to be ready for the weight they are about to go after

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

CAPACITY WORK (TIME ALLOCATION: 23 mins w/15 mins needed for the workout)

4 min amrap:

10 1 arm dumbell snatch@22.5/15

10 box jump overs

30 double unders or 30 single unders or plate hops

rest 1 mins

4 min amrap:

10 dumbell thrusters@22.5/15

10 burpee box jumps

30 double unders or single unders or plate hops

rest 1 min

4 min amrap:

5 dumbell devil press@22.5/15

10 db lunges@22.5/15 (dumbells on shoulders)

30 double unders or single unders or plate hops
*these are short high capacity workouts, the time domain of each piece is very short and should be attacked as so. Push the pace on each piece and try to recover as much as possible. push the limits of your threshold and rest as needed, but push the boat out here, no need for pacing