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Warm-up (No Measure)


2 rounds:

6 kb swings

10 lateral box step overs (body weight, side ways over the box)

10 medball cleans

Metcon (No Measure)


TIME ALLOCATION: 20 mins to get this work done

3 rounds not for time:

10 dbl kb front rack tempo squats@32/24 (scale as needed) or 1 min double kb front rack wall sit

10 dbl kb front rack z press@24/16 (scale as needed)

max effort weighted ring pull ups (hold dumbells between legs, when you cant do anymore, drop the dumbell and continue with as many as you can)

10 tempo heavy 1 arm db deadlifts on each side (get the heaviest dumbell of kb you can manage here)

Metcon (Time)

CAPACITY (heavy barbell mixed modal, aimed at improving heavy loading capacity)

TIME ALLOCATION: 20 mins to warm up

TIME CAP: 15 min cap, this gives 5 blocks to get the work done (10 actual rounds of work time)

the goal here is 50 power cleans@70/50 (scale this load as needed here but should be tough)

emom until total is completed the first 2 mins will be continuous movement

min 1: 5 burpee box jump overs+max power cleans in remainder

min 2: 5 dbl kb snatches@24/16 or 5 heavy kb swings@32/24+max power cleans in remainder

min 3: rest