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Warm-up (No Measure)


2 rounds:

10 staggered leg kb rdls

5 kb windmills each arm

Metcon (Weight)

BARBELL CAPACITY (TIME ALLOCATION: 15 mins including warm up)

e2mom for 10 mins (5 rounds)

build to heaviest complex:

1 hang power clean


1 power clean


1 hang squat clean


1 squat clean


2 jerks
*this will be a tough complex, get aggressive and go heavy here. be fast and smooth with the barbell and keep it moving quick, hip hinge should be strong and tight and barbell path close to the body, creating tension off the shoulders on the descent of each lift.

Metcon (Weight)

HEAVY STRENGTH METCON (TIME ALLOCATION: 20 mins with a 15 min cap on the workout, 5 rounds to get the work done)

goal is 30 squat snatches, this will be when the workout stops

min 1: max effort squat snatches @ 70/50 (RXX: 80/60)-scale this back as needed, competent members should look at 60/40 as the load

min 2: max effort TTB in the minute

min 3: max cal assault bike or row in the minute

*scale options:

bring loads down to start and increase a little lighter

TTB: scale reps or perform knee raises or sit ups

heavy lifting capacity endurance with some good fatigue, the loads will get tough so bank as many reps in the first couple of rounds as possible. push hard to move at a contiunous pace here thropughout the other 2 pieces, strees the importance of not sandbagging the TTB and assault bike minutes