CrossFit New Plymouth – LIVE FIT MUMS CLASS

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4 rounds

150m ski erg

1 length inch worms

x10 step ups

(each leg, 90 degrees)

x10 eccentric press ups

1 length overhead lunge (KB)


20min Clock

6 minutes (AMRAP)

40 Bar Hops (single skips)

30 DB Snatches (5/10kg)

20 Wallball (3/4kg)

10 Deadlift

2 minutes rest

AT 8mins athletes will then do 2 rounds of:

10 Deadlift

20 Wallball

30 DB Snatches

40 Bar Hops (single skips)

skills and drills

Dumbell Snatch

how it differs from the KB snatch

high pull

how to change hands efficiently

how to get heavier

muscle vs power


Cardio EMOM

1- 10/12 cal row

2- 10 barbell bicep curls

3- 10/12 cal bike

4- 10 barbell skull crushers