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Metcon (No Measure)


get class warmed for the work below, youll need a bit of set up time and warm up time so get them ready here.

PARTNER WORK CONDITIONING: (TIME ALLOCATION you will need 40 mins for the workout)

12 min amrap:

partner 1: rows for max meters

partner 2 completes


hang power cleans@40/30

press ups

*person 1 will continue to row until partner 2 completes the 21-15-9 workout, then partner 1 will jump into the barbell work and partner 2 will row. Contiune like this until time is up

2 min rest

12 min amrap:

partner 1: wall balls (keep going with these until partner 2 is finished the work)

partner 2: completes: 200m run+15 kb swings@24/16+9 pull ups or ring rows

*person 1 will continue wall balls until partner finishes the run/WB/pull up work. continue like this until time is up

2 min rest

12 min amrap:

max effort 1 arm db snatches@22.5/15 kilos

*every min on the min for 12 mins: 5 partner syncro burpees

-swap this work as needed here

*this workout as whole will be very tough and very aerobic, get members to pick a good pace and keep trying to move all the way through, they will need to be on to in their rest time and move to the next piece quickly. this will be uncomfortable but fun. get class to get after it