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Warm-up (No Measure)


1 round

3 perfect wall walks

10 sec hollow into 10 sec superman arch

10 scap press up

then get class warmed up for the below skill work

Metcon (No Measure)

SKILL WORK (TIME ALLOCATION: 14-18 mins depending on how much time is needed for the skill pieces)

not for time, for quality:


3 rounds:

max effort perfect parlette hspu

max effort strict muscle ups (or kipping)

6-10 perfect weighted kb pistols (hold kb in goblet or in 1 arm front rack)

*move perfect on this piece


max effort strict or kipping hspu

max effort kipping muscle ups

6-10 perfect pistols


max effort perfect hspu or piked strict hspu w/feet on a box

max effort bar muscle ups or low ring banded or unbanded turnovers (work on high hips and qiuick turnover here) or box turnovers to work on throwing the head over)

6-10 perfect pistols or pistol progressions (work on gettikng stable here on both legs)
*choose the best options here for your current skill levels and to progress these. Aim is perfect quality movement. This is chance to get some good skill coaching in and also a chance for RX athletes to get some good movement in at pace here. Coaches members on shapes on the rig and good positions, where power in each movement should come from and progressions to help them achieve these skills.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

CAPACITY WORK (TIME ALLOCATION: 25-28 mins to get ready, 20 min needed for workout)

20 min amrap:


400m run

40 wall balls

30 hspu or press ups

20 1 arm kb sh to oh@24/16 (right arm)

10 OHS@85/65 (must snatch this, no clean and jerks on to shoulders scale as needed)

20 1 arm kb sh to oh@24/16 (left arm)

30 press ups

40 kb swings@24/16

20/15 cal assault bike or row

scale options:

hspu: use an extra couple of plates under abmat or press ups

OHS: scale load to something challenging and tough
*This will be a tough workout with some barbell loading in the middle, pick a good steady pace here, break smart and aim to push hard once you have 5 mins to go, get members to push their threshold hard when they have only 5 mins left here. Goal is to prepare for the open workouts that will come up with this one so we want them to breathe heavy.