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Warm-up (No Measure)


1 round:

50m 1 arm oh+1 arm front rack kb carry


10 kb rdls


200m run

Metcon (No Measure)

GYMNASTICS (breathing or development)

TIME ALLOCATION: 20 mins to include briefs and movement focus

16 mins e2mom:

work 1: 6 deficit HSPU (or regular hspu) straight into 6-8 perfect TTB (scale these to regular or slight deficit hspu and knee raises)

work 2: unbroken sets: 5 pull ups into 4 c2b pull ups into 3 bar muscle ups

*on the complex hold on for as long as possible or take out movements you csnt perform and focus on moving well on the ones/one you can. ie if you cant do bar muscle ups perform 4 pull upa into 3 c2b pull ups, or you can increase the reps of these two or just pick one and increase reps on that.

scaled option:

e2momx18 mins

work 1: max effort kipping or strict hspu

work 2: max effort pull ups or c2b or bar muscle ups

*work with members on this piece to teach and develop skills and progressions here

or get rid of the e2mom and just work for 16 mins with the members on working on these skills for this time

Metcon (Time)


TIME ALLOCATION: 16 mins to include set up and warm up. include a run warm up

5 rounds:

2 mins work/60 secs rest

200m run

max effort devil press in the remainder of the time

goal is 50 devil press (5 rounds to get this done, this is 10 reps a round to get this completed